1. Anonymous said: Love your hair and what you're wearing. You should do a lingerie/strip tease photoshoot!

    Somebody should like, like the pic so it has notes haha damn :)

  2. Anonymous said: How many tattoos and piercings do you have?

    3 tattoos as of today and my ears and nose pierced

  3. Anonymous said: Where are you from?


  4. 🎀


  5. Anonymous said: You look that good for not working out? I'm impressed. Oh! Hopefully soon then. You're basically the epitome of perfection and you should definitely share those images with us! :)

    Thank ya :)

  6. Anonymous said: Awesome! Would be great to see a new dd/lg blog around! Especially with such a pretty little girl posting ;) looking forward to it


  7. Anonymous said: Oh the eternal school question. You will figure out something! How old are you?


  8. Anonymous said: Do you work out at all? You have a wonderful bum. Can we see the rest of you maybe?

    Honestly I work out pretty minimally but I walk more or less everywhere which I hear is a good bum workout! And I’m sure I’ll be around haha

  9. Anonymous said: Well that sounds like its going really well for you. Sounds like a sweet deal! Are you in school or anything?

    It could definitely be worse. No school rn. Can’t decide what I wanna learn to do besides everything.

  10. Anonymous said: Do you enjoy your job? Work often? What do you like to do in your spare time?

    Its the best possible situation at the moment. I work part time. My spare time is spent chilling and blazing with friends, making art, cooking & baking, and on a good day, having fun adventures.